ASA president Evans impeached

Johannesburg - Athletics SA (ASA) president James Evans was impeached at a special general meeting in Johannesburg on Saturday, the federation's vice-president Hendrick Ramaala said.

"The vote for impeachment succeeded with 33 for impeachment and one against while four abstained," Ramaala said.

Evans' impeachment follows accusations that he made payments to himself from ASA's coffers, entered into various agreements and settlements with ASA staff without the board's knowledge, and instructed the chief financial officer to make payments without the board's authority.

Ramaala could not say with certainty that he would be replacing Evans in an acting role, however, he believed this to be the case.

Before Saturday's meeting Ramaala said an independent tribunal into the allegations against Evans would be held.

Ramaala could not say when the board would meet to set up and appoint a head of such a tribunal.

"There must be an independent tribunal to test the allegations, which will be decided by the board," he said.

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Gerald Beer 2013/03/09 04:49:42 PM
Surely you wouldn't impreach unless you were sure. Why waste time, why not lay charges immediately?
Kobus Hattingh 2013/03/09 04:50:17 PM
Who did he get impreached by? Pastor Ray McCauly?
Jacques 2013/03/09 04:56:32 PM
Scum like this that our sport codes don't need.
sam.makua.10 2013/03/09 05:13:49 PM
News24 it is impeached not impreached! you did a botched copying this story from Independent online. Are you guys good at anything?
Henry Vanderfartenburp 2013/03/11 05:39:00 PM
pssst - it still says "impreached" in the address bar. giggle giggle...