Brown: Durban 2022 flop 'frustrating'

Durban - South African Olympian Myles Brown is from Durban and would have been more disappointed than most to hear that his home city had lost the rights to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

Durban had been awarded the global showpiece, but news broke last month that they would not be hosting the Games due to their inability to provide certain financial guarantees to the Commonwealth Games Federation.

South African government came out after that announcement and said that they were not prepared to spend money that they didn't have.

Brown, who swam in the 200m freestyle and 400m freestyle at the Rio Olympics last year, is 24-years-old and could still have been swimming at the highest level by the time 2022 came around.

Now, he will not have that opportunity.

"It is extremely disappointing. You always dream of racing in front of a home crowd, especially on such a massive international scale and for us to have it and then lose it is really frustrating," Brown told Sport24.

"If we had held onto that it would have brought in massive funding, massive exposure to swimming especially and I think it is a great loss.

"There is nothing we can do about it now and there is no point moping around and sulking about losing it. It’s one of those things."

Instead, Brown has this year's World Championships in Budapest and next year's Commonwealth Games in Australia to focus on, with the overall goal swimming his way into a final at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.