Ronaldo: Tottenham deserved to win

Cape Town - Cristiano Ronaldo was a frustrated figure during Real Madrid's 3-1 Champions League loss to Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday but says their current poor form is only temporary.

Ronaldo struck an 80th minute consolation goal at Wembley with Spurs already on course for a famous win.

The result saw the north London club secure their progression to the knockout phase of the competition while Real will need to pick up points in their last two group games.

Ronaldo, who says Real are too used to winning to keep losing, will be back on top very soon.

"It's a bad result because we're used to winning. We're on a poor run but we want to change it and I'm sure we're going to do so," said Ronaldo.

"It's just the beginning, we've got a long time to improve and I'm convinced we can do it.

"We can't play great all the time, we have to change things and admit we're not where we wanted to be, but we must stay calm," he added.

"I don't think things are too bad, I don't think the team is playing that badly, so we have to keep the faith. We've got to stay positive, because it's the end the counts, not the beginning.

"Tottenham deserved to win and we must move forward and try to find solutions to get out of this run. It's not nice but we've been like this before and we've always come out of these situations. I'm sure we'll do it again."